Customisable photobook soft cover 21x21

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The perfect blend of quality and price, this high definition book boast vibrant colours, quality paper and is perfect for your cruise memories or gifts. Soft cover, dimension of 21cm by 21cm, containing 20 pictures of your choice

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20 images printed in high definition on a slik quality paper, this is the perfect product to go for if you want to keep an unforgettable trace of your memories onboard of SY Xanemo! The book is 21cm x 21cm, softcover


The print process is certified Sustainable Green Priting Partnership (SGP), the print industry's gold standard in systainability.

How does it work ?

After sailing with us, you will receive an email when customisable products will be ready for you (on the same day of your return to shore). At this point, clicking on the customize button will take you to a screen where you can select 20 pictures to create your book. That's all!

Our state of the art Artificial Intelligence will prepare the pictures for your book (cropping, quality control, etc) while you seat back and wait for your photobook to reach your door. Please allow up to 3 days for manufacturing.


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