Terms and conditions applying to Open Tickets

Open Tickets are valid 3 years counting from the date of the cruise related to it for the same type of cruise. The price will be fixed to the price you paid your original booking, which means that if the price of the cruise you want to rebook is higher than what you paid, you will not be charged again. If the price is lower, you will not be refunded the difference.

Open Tickets cannot be refunded and the main guest of the original booking must be in the crew list of the new booking excerced under the Open Ticket terms.

Open Tickets rebookings are subject to availability. Once an Open Ticket is rebooked, i.e. converted to a new Booking, general terms and conditions applies, especially in terms of cancellation and refunds.

Open Tickets cannot be resold nor given to someone else. The number of passengers cannot be less than the number of the original Booking but may be more, depending on availability. Extra seats price will be computed by our general pricing scheme and may be more expensive or cheaper than the original booking.

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