CDC announcement: Vaccinated Americans free to visit Greece

CDC announcement: Vaccinated Americans free to visit Greece

Par Jerome Bajou Apr 4, 2021 Categories: Announcements, 0

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (aka the CDC) announced on Friday that vaccinated americants will be able to travel abroad "at low risk for themselves" and without having to be quarantined upon their return.

Of course this situation may be adapted by individual States who might decide to impose quarantines on travellers from outside the country, or even maybe from outside other states.

You still need to observe social distancing

This is not a surprise, but it's better to emphasize the fact that travellers are still requested to observe social distancing measures:

  • wear a mask (properly!)
  • keep at least 2 meters (6 ft) distance from others
  • wash hands regularly
  • report any COVID-19 symptoms

In 2020, Xanemo Sailing was the only company in Naxos having their health and safety measures approved by the WTTC. The company is waiting for new measures to be published by Greece to adapt for the 2021 season, if needed.

About returning to the United States

When comming back from their holidays in Greece, american citizens will have to pressent a negative test open their arrival on the US soil. Another test will be presented between three to fivedays after their arrival.

It is still unclear if a test should be taken before travelling abroad. CDC guidance point that it's not required "unless it is required by the international destination".

Looking forward to welcome americans

At Xanemo Sailing, we've mainly been working with american citizens since day one. Over the year, we created strong relationships with travel agencies in the United States and Online Travel Agencies with a solid presence in america.

We're thrilled to be able to welcome american citizens again on all of our cruises.

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