Choose your sailing cruise

On day in the small cyclades, one evening in Paros, or a few days exploring the greek islands, multiple options are offered to you. These pages will guide you in choosing the right cruise for you and your family.


A marvellous day cruise
exploring the small cyclades

Rating: 4.9 - 80 reviews Price: From 90 €

We set sail at 8:30am and come back around 6:30pm. Whilst going to the small cyclades, we will do a first stop around Naxos coast for swimming. We explore the small cyclades during the whole day and choose the best spot for our lunch. Another swimming stop in the afternoon and we start to come back to our base.

Think of this cruise as a all inclusive luxury day. Only 10 people onboard, genuine local food, great service and the best spots out of the commercial touristic path!

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Stylish and colourful
private sunset cruise

Rating: 5.0 - 20 reviews Price: From 500 €

We leave from Naxos around 7pm to come back right after the sunset. Paros is a perfect destination for such a cruise. Close to Naxos, Santa Maria bay is a quiet and protected spot to have a refreshing swim while siping some Champagne. Agios Prokopios is also a great solution.

The unset colours will stay in your mind forever, the smooth jazz playing, this is a complete and unique experience to live!

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Tailor made private cruise
around Naxos and small Cyclades

Rating: 4.9 - 40 reviews Price: From 900 €

The boat with her crew 100% dedicated to your pleasure, this is what the private cruise is all about. Take the opportunity to sail with your friends and family and no other customer!

One day, a week end, a whole week, everything is possible! From one way charters to catch your plane in Santorini, to a discovery tour of the small cyclades, or a night in Mykonos, you name it!

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