Our beautiful destinations

You will find more information about each of our destination below, along with some highlights and why we like the spot. Pictures are real, some of them are even taken from the boat!

Keep in mind that for a day cruise, we cannot visit each of them in one day.

Accessibility of some destinations may be subject to weather changes.


Naxos: Mikri Vigla

About 40 minutes from our base, Mikri Vigla was a watch point for danger or pirates approaching the island. It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and very nice sandy beaches.

Also, it is a very nice spot for snorkeling as there are many fishes around the rocks. Protected from the north wind, ideal for families and young children as there are shallow sections.

Highlights of Mikri Vigla

  • Naxos west coast
  • Turquoise water and white sand
  • Beach bars nearby
  • Beautiful beach

Tip: This is usually our first stop in the morning as it between our base and the small cyclades. Put on your mask and look for octopus and other fishes hiding between the rocks!


Naxos: Alyko

Protected bay on Naxos West Coast, Alyko is a gem. There are no beach beds or umbrellas for rent keeping the natural aspect of the place intact.

A cedar forest is accessible from the beach offering natural shadow. Well protected from the north, the beach offer excellent sand and turquoise water.

Highlights of Alyko

  • Cedar forest providing shadow
  • Turquoise water and white sand
  • Not crowded, even during pick season
  • Typical orthodox church on the beach

Tip: there is an unfinished hotel north of the bay where artists have done some paintings!


Naxos: Rina cave

Rina cave is located on a pristine beach with exotic green waters very close to Kalado, on the southern coast of the island.

Many birds nest in the cave on the right side of the beach, while there is a fresh water source on the left side of the beach. The cave is particularly popular as the beach is sheltered from winds and waves. There is no land access.

Highlights of Rina cave

  • Amazing mountainous backdrop
  • Beautiful crystal-clear waters
  • Secluded anchorage
  • Famous cave

Tip: Climb the rocks above the cave and dive into the water from 8 meters high!


Iraklia: Agios Georgios

Iraklia is the largest island of the Small Cyclades, located on the west part of the archipelago, at a distance of 18 nautical miles from Naxos. It has only 115 inhabitants. Iraklia offers quiet holidays and is an ideal place to relax away from stress.

It is an attractive island for nature lovers and those who want peaceful holidays and contact with the unspoiled nature. Ag. Georgios is located on the north part of the island, and is a great swimming spot. Blue - green waters with some sea life.

Highlights of Agios Georgios

  • Very close to the village
  • Not crowded and preserved
  • Friendly inhabitants
  • Scenery bay

Tip: The view from the village is beautiful!


Iraklia: Alimia (airplane wreck)

Incredible bay protected from north wind. No other access than by boat and far away from any kind of civilisation.

This is a pirate destination! Explore a german airplane wreck from World War II in crystal clear water.

Highlights of Alimia

  • Airplane wreck (WW II)
  • Amazing snorkeling
  • Beautiful sand beach
  • Blue and shallow water

Tip: No need to go down to see the plane, just snorkel on the surface and you will not believe your own eyes!


Schinoussa: Livadi & Tsigouri beach

Schinoussa is part of the Small Cyclades, and is a perfect location for calm, alternative vacations. The wild landscape, the isolates beaches and the relaxing atmosphere captivate visitors.

Most of the beaches are accessible only by boat or walking. Livadi and Tsigouri are two of the nicest bays on the west coast of the tiny island.

Highlights of Schinoussa: Livadi & Tsigouri beach

  • Calm and relaxing atmosphere
  • Crystal clear waters
  • Out of the commercial run
  • Unspoiled nature

Tip: On day trips, we usually have lunch in one of these bays as the view is just amazing!


Schinoussa: Mersini bay

Schinoussa is part of the Small Cyclades, and is a perfect location for calm, alternative vacations. The whil landcape, the isolates beaches and the relaxing atmosphere captivate visitors.

Mersini is the main port of Schinoussa. There are taverns serving great fresh fish as most locals deal with fishing for a living.

Highlights of Schinoussa: Mersini bay

  • Very protected spot
  • Peaceful fishing village with tavernas
  • Good shelter from north winds
  • Lots of fishes

Tip: Some of the greatest super yachts are coming here to hide from the crowd during summer.


Kato koufonisi

Tiny and secluded, Kato koufonisi is not inhabited. All beaches have exotic water.

The island got very popular with super yachts and other boats of smaller size and is difficult to access in high season.

Highlights of Kato Koufonisi

  • Exotic waters
  • Uninhabited, tiny and secluded island
  • Ideal stop before Pano Koufonisi on calm weather
  • Natural swimming pool

Tip: Nero is an amazing spot for snorkeling!


Pano Koufonisi: main town

Pano Koufonisi is inhabited and the main port is where all studios, taverns and shops are found.

The marina is small and really crowded, as any anchoring point around the main town is during high season. Koufonisi is a great place to go early or late in the season.

Highlights of Pano Koufonisi

  • Beautiful crystal-clear waters
  • Small marina is a great shelter
  • Walking distance from town (shops, etc)
  • Great coffee shops and taverns

Tip: Docking in the marina and having a nice walk around the island is a great thing to do on a private charter!


Pano Koufonisi: Pori bay

Pano Koufonisi is inhabited and Pori is the most famous bay of the island. Naturists love the spot, as it is far from the main town (one hour walk).

There is a very nice tavern on the beach.

Highlights of Pano Koufonisi: Pori Bay

  • White sand beach and crystal waters
  • Beautiful view from the tavern right on the beach
  • Great spot for a night at the anchor
  • Close to the famous milk beach

Tip: Pori is very close to a place called "the milk", where the sea hits some chalk rocks, turning white