About making the right choice

Making the right choice to book your day is key to having great memories to share afterwards. Here is why you can choose us with a peace of mind.

Number of people onboard

Because group cohesion is key for great memories, we don't take more than 12 people onboard.

We respect constructors recommendations on the number of people allowed onboard.

In order to guarantee a high quality of service, and comfort, we limit the number of sailors to 12 per cruise.

Our aim

We want you to spend the greatest day of your holidays with us. We will do as much as we can to please every single sailor onboard with us.

Our crew

Our crew have demonstrated their value through performance and loyalty; two qualities which are highly appreciated and carefully nurtured. Professionalism and commitment with top quality service emphasises the commitment of our staff both at sea and ashore.

From the beginning, we recognised that quality of service to our clients and to our employees was the way to success.

Onboard lunch and drinks

Drinks and lunch are included in our day cruises, real lunch, no just a platter of fruits and some snacks.

Because we know how swimming and sailing burns calories, we understand that a proper meal is a great option.

Special needs

When booking, we will always ask you if you have any food allergy or if there is something you'd rather not eat (vegetarian, etc).

We tailors ours meals to special needs.

Alcohol onboard

Drinks are provided throughout the day for you to enjoy. Please drink responsibly. Also, even if it is large, the yacht fridge is not big enough to bring unlimited drinks for everybody.

Safety and security

The safety and security of your family and friends, other guests, crew and the valuable yacht are paramount. We take this aspect very seriously.

Behaving on a sailing boat may respond to certain constraints that will be explained in due time by your crew. For your safety and security, please take into consideration our recommendations. Your skipper is a certified Royal Yachting Association Yachtmasterâ„¢ and has therefor been trained to First Aid at sea.

Weather changes

Weather in the Cyclades can change quickly. We may come back earlier or later than expected to avoid any unexpected weather phenomenon.

Your happiness is important to us. Therefore, we do not hesitate to reschedule a trip because of bad weather (or weather not good enough).

Sailing, not motoring

The destination is as important as the travel itself. That is the beauty of sailing. Our boat has sails, and we try to use them as often as possible.

A sailing boat sailing is more confortable than making route by the engine. Traveling in silence, with the only power of the elements is something magical!

Learn how to sail

This is a great opportunity to learn how to sail a boat! If you want (nothing mandatory of course), we can teach you a few things during the cruise so you have a better understanding of how such a boat is actually sailing.

Sea sickness

It may happen, and it may so to everybody. Even well known skippers have experienced the feeling! If you feel any sea sickness onboard, we will help you with it. Focusing on something else is a great key to make it go away. You may steer the wheel yourself if it keeps you away from sea sickness. Otherwise, we have pills to help fighting the sickness.