5 Reasons why a tote bag is the best beach bag

5 Reasons why a tote bag is the best beach bag

By Jerome Bajou May 23, 2020 Categories: Naxos gifts & souvenirs, 0

Tote bags have lots of benefits. They replace our plastic shopping bags (and help you save money while saving the planet), they look cool, or at least ours do, and they are very practical. Find out why tote bags, on top of everything are actually the best beach bags.

It’s the perfect size

Everything needed for your beach day fits! Even the water bottle! It really feels like it has been designed for this purpose (actually, they’ve been designed to mirror the look and feel of plastic bags, at a fraction of the environmental impact).

It’s reusable

You cannot go to the beach with a single use bag. To be single use, it would have been made of plastic, and they already are everywhere in the oceans. With the wind we have on the islands, that would be a very bad idea. You would end up loosing it because of the wind for sure.

Your tote bag is reusable, and weight enough to not be blown away while you go swimming.

It goes well with your beach look

Shapes and colors make them very suited to go to the beach. Find a model designed for summer, maybe even better, for the destination you picked, and you will be proud to tote it. Tote bags are dressed down enough to go along with a beach outfit. Avoid the leather ones of course, and any tote bag with metal ornaments as well.

It’s easy to wash

Tote bags are very easy to wash. Just put them in your washing mashing, 30 degrees et bam! Clean tote bag. No washing machine ? Just some hot water and a bit of detergent will do the trick. Air dry your bag upside down for a better result.

Your beach bag during holidays will be your shopping bag for your real life

There is nothing better than using your beach bag for groceries. It will remind you of your holidays, and make this labor a bit more easy on your nerves.

Don’t forget to clean it properly though, especially in these difficult times of COVID-19. The DEC encourages to separate meat, fish or poultry, fresh produce and ready-to-eat foods in separate bags.

Thanks for reading!

In this short article, we explained why a tote bag is actually the perfect beach bag. Remember that a reusable bag is only better than a plastic bag if you actually reuse it. So go for it, use it as much as you can. There is no better feeling than saving planet Earth, while showing off a beautifully designed artwork printed on the most versatile bag ever imagined.

Jerome Bajou
About the author: Jerome Bajou

Jerome is French. He has been living in Paris, London and in the south pacific. He is living in Naxos for the last 9 years where he met his wife. Jerome has been sailing in Croatia, Italy, Greece, the Canary Islands and in the pacific. He is a RYA Yachtmaster™.

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