5 Reasons why Postcards are the best souvenirs ever

5 Reasons why Postcards are the best souvenirs ever

By Jerome Bajou May 22, 2020 Categories: Naxos gifts & souvenirs, 0

Everybody want to bring something back from their holidays, we all want that little something that will make us think back to our holidays, or feel that laid back vibe again. I find this task getting harder and harder.

Airlines are putting in place strict measures regarding our luggage’s weights, fridge magnets are almost all made in china and can feel a bit tasteless, and let’s get it straight, bringing souvenirs to your closest friends and family will cost you one European airplane ticket for sure!

Sending postcards is in the hype again, and well, it’s one of the best souvenirs you can get to someone. Here is why:

Low carbon footprint

Postcards are small, light, and nowadays are recyclable. Postcards available on our e-shop for example are part of the Carbon Capture Program of the Woodland Trust which helps capturing CO2.

No plastic here, producing and shipping postcards has a lower impact on the planet than a fridge magnet for sure!

Postcards are cheap

Especially with our postcard service, you can write your card online and send it anywhere for around 2 euros! And if you sailed with Xanemo Sailing, you can even use an actual picture taken during cruise, wether this is a picture of yourself, or a sight we saw during the sailing tour.

While this service is intended to send postcards to friends and family anywhere in the world, why not use this service to send a postcard to yourself. Talk about where you are, both in life and geographically. You will be so happy to read this back home, and in the next few years! Guaranteed!

No extra weight in your luggages

With airlines making travelers pay the hard price for each gram of luggage out of the very tiny allowance, getting something back to friends and family can turn out expensive and/or tricky. Send a Postcard, and save on this extra fee because of overload.

Personal touch as nothing else

Writing a postcard is much more personal than bringing a magnet or a key holder for example. Buying a souvenir for somebody else is very hard, and there is a good chance you will end up with something the recipient has no use (how many fridge magnet do you have again ?), impersonal and, sometimes, not that nicely designed to be honest.

A Postcard is a work of art, a nice photography, an artwork, and has this personal touch that no other gift or souvenir can bring.

Don’t loose time during your holidays

That’s right, you need to spend (should I say waste) a day of your. Holidays to bring everybody back home a little something. Wait in line in shops, bargain a little sometimes, see, touch, walk, speak, choose, or not! It’s easy to spend a day wandering in touristic souvenirs shops looking for that special gift, and actually coming back to your hotels with magnets, bottle openers, and other not-so-local souvenirs.

Don’t waste time and write your postcard online, choose the design, or the picture of your cruise you like, write your personal message, and hit send! You just saved a day of your holidays!

Did we miss any reasons why a postcard is one of the best souvenir your can get ? Do you send a lot of postcards to your friends and family while abroad ? Do you already send postcards to yourself from everywhere you go ? Let us know in the comments below!

Jerome Bajou
About the author: Jerome Bajou

Jerome is French. He has been living in Paris, London and in the south pacific. He is living in Naxos for the last 9 years where he met his wife. Jerome has been sailing in Croatia, Italy, Greece, the Canary Islands and in the pacific. He is a RYA Yachtmaster™.

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