The Trashtag is the last trending challenge and it won’t send you to the hospital

The Trashtag is the last trending challenge and it won’t send you to the hospital

By Jerome Bajou Mar 12, 2019 Categories: Wildlife Protection, 0

We knew that challenges could have people doing crazy things. Everybody with a sane mind were making fun of these bored teens, until challenges got so dangerous that people got scared for their lives.

This challenge is a new viral trend, and is perfectly safe. It is actually such a good thing that we encourage you to take part of it! No matter where you are, who you are, how old you are, you can join this #trashtag challenge. Here is how to play.

How to take part of the challenge

This challenge is very easy. Grab a few garbage bags, and go somewhere. Anywhere littered would do. Take a picture of the place, and go fill these bags. We suggest you use some gloves though, as you never know what has been dumped. Last, but not least, take a picture of the same place, cleaned, with these bags full of rubbish. Now, post your beautiful photo on all your social networks with the hashtag #trashtag. That’s it! You just took part of the latest viral challenge, and did a great job for the planet. Don’t forget this one last step that it taking the bags to the closest treating area. There is no point to clean an area and leave trashes in these bags, right?

How does it started

This is actually not new! The #trashtag project started in 2015, sponsored by UCO, an outdoor gear company. It got a nice refresh on a viral facebook post from Byron Roman on March 6th, 2019.

We’re happy to see that the Internet is actually falling for this and we hope that bored teens will take part of this, as they did with these life threatening challenges (we won’t refer to any of these here of course!).

We did it without knowing it!

Surely, that is what you have in mind right now! At least one time you picked up some trash on a beach or in the woods without bragging about it on social networks. Agreed. If posting about it can make other people do it, then, let’s give it a try!

We often do it when we stop for lunch during our sailing day trips. For now on, we will definitely post about it on our social networks, hoping for people to join the cause!

Jerome Bajou
About the author: Jerome Bajou

Jerome is French. He has been living in Paris, London and in the south pacific. He is living in Naxos for the last 9 years where he met his wife. Jerome has been sailing in Croatia, Italy, Greece, the Canary Islands and in the pacific. He is a RYA Yachtmaster™.

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